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Nike PG1 Chaussures Officiel NIke Prix Pour Homme Noires/Rouge

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In April, Paul Geroge fell again in front of Lebron James. Even in front of the three war he has done his best, after all, too much support for his teammates. The final war effort to let go, only 21 in 21 vote in the case, missed the victory in front of the emperor, once again in the playoffs swept out.

Since joining the league in 2010, Paul George has only been seen as a substitute for Danny Granger, a 3D player known for his defense. However, in the 2012-13 season, in the case of LCD connection dominate the Eastern District, PG accidentally and LBJ in the bit to prove himself, also took to the All-Star Road. Still remember that after he was Chris Anderson, James immediately responded to a three-point bombardment. After this move Zhan Huang take the initiative to cling to the front, heroes heroes of the lens, is still the classic picture of the playoffs.

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